Free Karaoke Player Features - KaraFun Player

Karaoke Player Features List
Play KAR, KOK, LRC, LRC Enhanced files
New KFN format: compressed, full featured, adjustable
Play CDG + MP3 files
Play MP3, OGG and MID music files
Play video files: AVI, MPEG...
CDG + MP3 transparency with KFP as background
Training mode for easy reading
The training mode (the sunglasses button) is optimized for easier reading. It helps you become more familiar with the lyrics. You can change the font type, the size, the alignment, the style and the maximum line count in the options.
Per block or progressive lyrics highlighting
There are two ways of highlighting the text when the karaoke is playing: per blocks or gradually (line). You can toggle with the TXT button on the main window of the player. The type of highlighting can be defined in the KFN file, in that case, both the BLOCKS and LINE lights are on.
Sync Bubbles Mode
The sync bubbles mode can be turned on, so as to warn you of when the next syncs are beginning. Each bubble means a new synchronization. This feature helps alert you to when you must sing again after a solo!
MIDI channel automatic detection of the guide melody
Microphone management
Click on the microphone button to activate the recording device set in the Audio/MIDI options. The recording device must be activated to click on the record button. Choose a song and sing!
In-window or full-screen display
Secondary monitor output (TV, projector...)
Additional tracks: guide melody, guide vocal
By default, no guides are activated (note LCD). An extra track can be used as a guide melody (guitar LCD), a guide vocal (upper microphone LCD) or your voice (upper microphone LCD with note LCD) when you've finished recording it. These additional tracks are always mixed with the backing track. You can change their volume level individually in the control window.
Audio/MIDI Key Control
Raise or lower all of the notes to help you sing in your own range. Key changes effect only the pitch, not the tempo. These are also named Pitch Control or Key Changer.
Audio/MIDI Tempo Control
Control the speed of the music.
Voice recording
Control the input and output level of your microphone, record your voice and listen to it again with the music.
Vocal reducer for MP3 files
Reduce the vocal range level of an original MP3 song (may also reduce instruments in same range).
Echo effect on additional Audio/MIDI tracks
An echo effect can be added to any of the extra tracks (audio and MIDI). You can also change the volume level and the delay time of those extra tracks.
Automatic Guide Cancel
Automatic Guide Cancel is the same as Guide Replace or Guide Partner. When a singer is listening to the guide melody or the guide vocal on any karaoke file and starts singing into the microphone, the guide stops, when the singer stops singing into the microphone the guide comes back.
Full playlist management (KPL, M3U)
Information page display before starting the karaoke
The karaoke song's title, artist, year, and difficulty level for men and women is displayed on an info page before the song begins. You can remove this display from within the Display Options.
KFP karaoke presets improving KAR, KOK, LRC and CDG display
Save and restore all play parameters (key, tempo, guide...) for each karaoke played
KFN and CDG to AVI video file export
Public use allowed (KaraFun free is for home use only)
Other Features Features List
Direct 3D engine (requires DirectX 9 or better)
Available in English, French, Italian, Danish, German, Spanish (Americanized), Swedish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Russian...
Full Unicode application
No ads, no nags, no banners, no spyware and virus-free certified