Frequently Asked Questions about KaraFun Player software

KaraFun Player has been updated and this documentation is outdated. Please see our Help Center for updated information.

Karaoke songs

I can't hear the music after converting a MIDI karaoke file into a Karaoke Video.
There are two kinds of karaoke files: there is a MIDI karaoke based on MIDI music (KAR or MID files) and there is AUDIO karaoke based on AUDIO music (MP3, OGG, WAV... files).
Only the AUDIO karaoke can be converted into video files, because the music track of a video file must always be in AUDIO format and never in MIDI format.
The MIDI karaoke files do NOT contain music but only data that can be performed by an external source (soundcard, external MIDI synth, virtual General MIDI bank, VSTi instrument, etc.). This explains why the size of KAR and MID files are so small. So, from one configuration to another, the MIDI music is played differentelly: Better with a pro synth, Poorer with an AC'97 sound card.
So, to convert a MIDI karaoke file into a video, you MUST first convert the MIDI file to AUDIO...

How do I convert a WMV file to an AVI file?
To convert a Windows Media Video WMV file to an AVI (DivX, XviD, Uncompressed, etc.) video file, you must use a video file converter like Rad Video Tools:
- download, install and run Rad Video Tools,
- select your WMV file and click on "Convert a file"
- check "Convert Video" and "Convert Audio" and click on "Convert"
- select your compressor type (DivX, XviD, Uncompressed Frames, etc.) and click on OK
- wait until the end of the conversion process, click on Done and close.

Software issues (installation and use)

I'm having problems with my video's display.
KaraFun requires the DirectX 9 version or better. Nevertheless, DirectX relies on the manufacturer's drivers. Don't forget to update the drivers of your video card.

My video karaoke files don't work!
To play video karaoke files, you must have the correct video codec installed on your PC (DivX, Xvid, MPEG).
If nothing appears in the background, then install a video codec pack like ffdshow.
If the video still doesn't appear, then your video card may not be capable of displaying video. Run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to know for sure.

There is no sound when I export my KFN files to AVI.
Before trying another audio compression, select PCM in the audio compression box. The audio compression aspect of the AVI file will not be compressed, and this is normally the most compatible choice on the list.
Another frequent cause for a lack of sound is using a MIDI file as an audio source. Check the Help Section about How to convert a MIDI karaoke file to AVI for more info.

The video exportation didn't work, or the result jerks.
Some audio or video codecs are not compatible with DirectShow (as a result, they don't work well with KaraFun).
One solution is to export the video with uncompressed video frames and uncompressed audio. Select "Uncompressed frames" as video compressor and "PCM" as audio compressor. This method will normally work.
You'll notice that the resulting file is very large (several gigabytes), and your computer may not be able to sync the audio and the video because of this. After exporting, you should recompress the files using another video tool of your choice (DivX, DVD, MPEG 2, WMV, XVid...). You can use VirtualDub, for example.
More info: Convert karaoke to video

I can't make a KFN karaoke song with the KaraFun Editor.
The first thing you must do in the editor, in order to create a new KFN karaoke file, is to add and define an audio source. Nothing can be done before this. Open your library, add your song files (MP3, MID, KAR, OGG...) and then select it in the audio source window. Now, you can add lyrics by double-clicking on the text track... Just follow the tutorial...
To practice with the Editor, you can also open the song "When the Saints go marching in" to see how it works...

My CD+G discs won't play!
KaraFun CDG playback works with the majority of PCs. Though, depending on your CD or DVD drive you may not be able to play CDG discs.
You can try to replay your discs with KaraFun on another PC, or with a different CD drive. Some drives can not digitally read the CDG information, and that's why KaraFun can not display them.
But if you're successful with other CDG players, you'll maybe be able to convert your CDG discs to CDG+MP3 files, these converted files are always readable with KaraFun. There are several software programs that can be used to do this; we suggest using Audiograbber, a free program.

How can I move KaraFun Studio from one computer to another?
It's as simple as the first time...
Your serial number hasn't changed, so download KaraFun Studio from the download page with your current license information and install it.
Then activate it again, just like the first time.

I can't launch KaraFun, and there's a message telling me that I have a WMVCORE.DLL problem.
In order to export a WMV file (even in the free version of KaraFun) you must have Windows Media Player 9 or better. If you're not running the lastest Windows XP version nor the latest version of Windows Media Player, we advise you to simply download and install the lastest version of Windows Media Player (or just the missing components) to solve this problem.

Tricks and Tips

Are there any keyboard shortcuts for the player?
Just right-click on the KaraFun logo to see these keyboard shortcuts:
Z - Previous track
X, Space - Play
C, Space, Pause - Pause
Esc, V - Stop
B - Next track
F1 - Training mode: Switch to classic karaoke
F2 - Guide mode: Vocal Guide/Instrumental Guide/No Guide
See also: Keyboard shortcuts for the editor.

How can I change the text properties in my Playlist?
- Go to the default skin folder ( C:\Program Files\KaraFun\Skins\Default )
- Edit (with notepad or another text editor) the file "skin.ini"
- Replace the bloc:
with what you want (1st parameter=Font name, 2nd=Font size, 3rd=Font style). Ex:
Restart KaraFun and enjoy!
Note: you can copy the skin into another folder, giving it another name ([Info] section of the "skin.ini" file) with the aim of not losing your changes during your next update of KaraFun.

How do I remove the singer's voice?
If you're singing over an original version, the lead vocalist's voice can quickly become distracting...
Unfortunately, there is no magic trick to suppress the vocal part of a song.
Since the version 0.90, we've added a real-time "vocal reducer" to the KaraFun Player. In certain cases, it gives very good results, but the instrumentals often suffer.
For a high quality karaoke experience, it is better to purchase proper backing tracks!

How do I convert a KFN file to CDG?
The CDG format is not as flexible as the KFN format and both of the formats are very different from each other.
KaraFun can not convert its karaoke display to CDG file, we will try to add this feature in a future Karaoke Studio release. Anyway, don't expect moving backgrounds or 3D effects like in the KFN format because the CDG format won't allow them!

Can I use a different text font in the editor?
The fonts currently listed are the only ones which are available on ALL Windows systems.
To use another font, you'll have to embed the corresponding TTF file (standard font file or True Type) directly into your karaoke file.
Luckily, this is relatively easy: in the Library menu (Project -> Library) add a TTF file. In the text track, select your new file as the track font.
You can open a KFP or an unlocked KFN file in order to see how the fonts are added. You may also find original TTF files on several other websites.

Miscellaneous questions

Will KaraFun be available for Linux, Mac, PS2...?
We are not planning on converting KaraFun to any platform other than Windows. The principal reason is technical, in that development tools and libraries used by KaraFun are not available on other operating systems.

Contribute to KaraFun

When will KaraFun be translated into my language?
Tomorrow! Be courageous and help us translate it!
Find more information on how to translate KaraFun...