Discover what makes KaraFun the best karaoke software

Advanced control

KaraFun karaoke player can read many file formats.

Universal Karaoke Player

KaraFun is the most versatile karaoke player, allowing you to play many file formats among the most popular for karaoke (kfn, kar, cdg, lrc, mid, mp3)...

KaraFun allows you to modify the volume of the voice, the tempo and the pitch.

Karaoke Controls

KaraFun allows you to change the tempo and the pitch of any karaoke song. You can also change the volume of each vocal track (KaraFun files only).

Karaoke DJ Mode

Save the name of the singer and preferences (tempo and pitch).

Singer Preferences

Control the singer preferences ahead of time. Setup the name, pitch and tempo in the queue. KaraFun will remember your settings for each singer when it comes to sing!

Add each singer and the karaoke he has chosen to the queue

Genuine Song Queue

When you’re running a karaoke party, you have to deal with many people coming to ask their favorite song. Forget about the messy papers. KaraFun offers you a simple way to add singers to the queue and keep your mind off the trouble. Organizing your next party is now a breeze!

Plugin an external display to KaraFun and turn on the Dual Screen Display.

Secondary Display

You might need to display lyrics on a large screen. But you also need to keep an eye on what’s going on. KaraFun brings the best of both worlds. Duplicate the main display in a secondary window, and keep track of what’s going.

Embedded catalog

Enjoy 18,000 karaoke songs right from KaraFun Player

18,000 Karaoke Songs

KaraFun is connected with your online account, which gives you access to 18,000 songs rightaway. No need to download low-quality files from websites stuffed with ads and viruses, start singing rightaway with our studio-recorded karaoke tracks.

KaraFun allows you to keep the karaoke tracks you love offline, synced on your computer.

Offline Playlists

Want to keep your favorite KaraFun tracks offline? Simply create a playlist and activate the offline mode. Your tracks will then be synced on your computer for later usage.

Files management

Organize all your karaoke songs in the playlists


Organize all your tracks into easy-to-access playlists. You can combine both KaraFun and your own files to make the perfect playlist for your next event.

Organize all the karaoke tracks on your computer.

Local Files

Gather all the files accross your computer in one convenient location. Import all your karaoke files into KaraFun, and mix them with the online library to build the perfect karaoke setup.

Install KaraFun on your computer now!

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